Are you a smoker? Have you tried to quit before? How many times?

Most smokers have tried to quit at least once in their lifetime.  Some smokers I have spoken to in the past have tried to quit over 20 times through willpower.  What amazing strength a person must have to keep trying and trying TWENTY TIMES! Willpower is your worst enemy in giving up smoking. It is the most difficult way to stop.
I smoked for 20 years and quit countless times, only to start again. My longest quit was 4 years!  I wore nicotine patches for 4 months and it was torture craving every day. But I refused to give in!! Yet, I still started smoking again 4 years later. I thought I was destined to be a lifetime smoker.
Then, one day, I walked into a hypnotherapists office as a last resort, I felt so desperate, I had no other option to try. I walked out of the office a couple of hours later, a non smoker!
I was fascinated!
How did that happen?
Why did it happen?

“I began to study hypnosis and all that it entailed. I became a hypnotherapist and also certified as a life coach. I have never, ever looked back.

So, I want to share this with as many people as possible. It is the art of giving up smoking gracefully, easily, with full control.”

I have designed a 4 step program for you to quit for good. No more wishing, hoping, giving in and feeling guilty. No more wasting your precious money, handing it over to the government effectively!
I have married hypnosis with the law of vibration. Bring your state of being into a relaxed state with these MP3’s. Undo the years of conditioning that advertising has placed upon your subconscious mind. Take back control and choose to become a non smoker over these 4 recordings.
Listen to them at your own leisure. When you start you listen every day until you complete the program. You work as fast or as slow as you want through them. You have control.
Enjoy the hypnosis. Enjoy the sessions and feel your vibrations rise throughout. You’ll not only become a non smoker, but you will feel delighted to be free and you will move forward in other areas of your life as well! For less cost than a weeks’ smoking, its decision time. I believe in you!
With Love!