Master Your Goals


The doors are open

You are invited inside….

Are you ready to explore and design the life of your dreams?

You are not sure how to but you are ready to open yourself up to success? In life or business, the choice is yours,

To make giant leaps towards your goals? With ambitious, passionate ladies, just like you. I’m excited to welcome you!

I’m Norah, a hypnotherapist & transformation coach for ambitious and passionate women. Life can be challenging, draining, frustrating and overwhelming but are you going to let your dreams take a back seat until some point in the future when you think you’ll have more time and energy?

All you have is today. What are you going to do today?

My membership is for action takers who want a no fluff approach to letting go of the crap keeping you stuck. With adjustments to your mindset and effective simple daily habits, making progress towards your goals becomes a clear path that doesn’t have to feel so confusing or take up all of your time. Step inside and I’ll show you how… 


What Others Say

I have finally found the  support and encouragement in helping to achieve my goal all received from Norah, it’s absolutely fantastic! I started to achieve my goals within one week, just amazing really. I’m feeling very positive with all of the changes happening, bring it on!


The hypnosis sessions with Norah have been tremendously helpful in resetting my mindset and instilling joy and hope into my life where I previously thought there were none. She helped me to establish a morning gratitude and mindset routine. It’s a whole lifestyle change for me. Norah has been a blessing to my life.


Norah is an amazing transformation coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was hesitant about coaching but I felt a connection with her immediately and she made the process the perfect combination of challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Norah is encouraging, patient and understanding but also strong and direct in helping me push forward and realise my goals and dreams and I am already reaping the rewards of working with here.


All you have is today. What are you going to do today?

This is the most accessible way to work with me, to up level your mindset, to get the training you need AND the community to support you alongside putting your learnings into action. 

This Membership is for passionate, ambitious women who are ready to up level, ready for the support and guidance so they can reach their goals already! 

How good will it feel to:

Get clear on what your goals really are

Start taking positive action towards where you want to be

Grow your confidence by the day

Raise your vibration and feel invigorated

Be held accountable by a like-minded group of women

Step into your authentic and ambitious self

Stop feeling like you are putting life off


This is for you if:

You are a woman with a desire for more

You are ready to take action

You are ambitious and a self starter

You have big goals in mind

Membership Plan – so what’s inside?


  • An exclusive members-only FB group – the heart and soul of the community
  • Goal setting every Monday to set the intention and keep you on track.
  • Wins and learnings every Friday – the best way to keep on the path to your vision board life.
  • Weekly mindset and journal prompts to help you to dive in deep and master your mind.
  • Monthly guest expert training on all areas or your life that will help you to grow and expand and become your next level YOU! It’s all about raising that vibration! The primary law!
  • Monthly live social session so you’re never left wondering something alone.
  • Weekly group zoom coaching sessions where we study the mind, look at what’s working in your life and move through any blocks holding you back.
  • Threads to ensure you stay on track towards your vision board, including a safe space to reflect on your journey
  • Bi monthly video training from me
  • Masterclass training library
  • Guided live hypnosis session
  • Members also get access to offers on other programmes and 1:1 sessions

Let me ask you a powerful question 

What would you do if you woke up in 6 weeks time and realised that your new action taking was bringing in your desired results finally?

Really feel into the future you for a moment. 

You are relaxed and carefree, with all the time in the world. 

You are setting goals and achieving them! Getting up in the morning and getting stuff done, no more hitting the snooze button and wishing the day didn’t have to start. 


Norah´s coaching is amazing!

“She just knows how to get me started and pushes me just right. Norah´s knowledge and coaching towards my goals suit me perfect. She has all the solutions I asked for. In a month I have come further than I have ever done before. And I just love my personal hypnosis session to listen to every day. I can really recommend Norah’s coaching to anyone who is not advancing in their business, things are transforming really quick.”


We LOVE sharing our wins at Master Your Goals Membership!

Here are some that pop up regularly:

   Embracing vulnerability and authenticity

  Connecting with our WHY

   Mastering the morning mindset routine

   Setting goals that align with our values

   Starting and growing a new business

   Taking on new clients

   Getting more clarity in the direction

   Growth in confidence

   Growth in mindset

   Making time for self love & self care

   Working through deep limiting beliefs and blocks

It’s your time! IT’s time to say YES to being all of you and reaching out and accepting the support that will get you there! 

Norah Ginty

I am a hypnotherapist & transformation coach for ambitious and passionate women. My no fluff approach helps women to let go of the crap keeping them stuck so they can reach their dream goals.

My clients all around the World hit their goals fast. From weight loss to your dream business or car, if its your goal, my framework helps you to fulfil it.

With my membership, you will benefit from all the techniques I use in my premium 1-1 programmes, all with a super affordable low monthly cost of €39/ month and the added benefit of making a lot of new inspiring friends along the way!

This is the most accessible way to work with me, to fast track your life, to get the insight you need AND the community to support you. You’ve tried to do it on your own for too long. AL.

Let’s lift each other up. Join the membership today – click here: