My mission is to help women to excel, by supporting them to eradicate triggers, heal deeply and feel worthy so they can find their freedom, joy and peace – ready to follow their true path in life with confidence and clarity.


Quit Smoking

First Question: Are you TRULY READY to give up smoking?

Second Question: Do you WANT to give up smoking? REALLY, really, want to give up?

My name is Norah and I am a hypnotherapist and life coach.

If you are ready to turn your back on smoking for good, then my quit smoking program is perfect for you.

During my program, if you give it 100% commitment, you will:


Become a non-smoker finally and effortlessly


Feel empowered in your decision


Look forward to the process of nicotine leaving your system for good


Feel more relaxed overall in yourself

What does the program consist of?

A pre session recording to listen to, to prep you for our first appointment

A first hypnotherapy appointment to quit smoking (face to face or via online meeting such as Skype or Zoom)

A follow up hypnotherapy session to solidify your decision and promote relaxation & empowerment

Full Investment: 190 euro (That’s not many packets of cigarettes, in todays market)!

I see clients face to face in Ardrahan, Galway and also online appointments via Skype or Zoom.

A little more about me:

So, how did I come to be where I am today?

A few years ago, I visited a hypnotherapist to help me to give up smoking. It was a last resort and to say I was nervous walking into that office is a nice way of putting it! But I did it – because i’d tried everything else and failed. After 15 years of trying a failing and shaming myself for being weak, I walked out of the office a non smoker. I couldn’t believe it!

My interest grew in hypnotherapy – how did I give up so easily after years and years of struggles?? I started studying hypnosis and I became hooked on it and the amazing results hypnotherapy brings. Eventually I decided to become certified so I could help others, which I did in 2016. I have used hypnotherapy for personal development since and other areas in my life and truly stand behind hypnosis and its effects. I know that everyone can have success if they really want it.


Your life is here for the taking. Freedom from cigarettes is here, if you grab it and commit to it. I did it so I know you can too! I was a big smoker for many years. And I stopped! Just like that. So I know you can do it.

Book a free consultation below or if you are ready now, email me at hello@norahginty.com and lets get you booked into the program. As soon as you sign up you will receive your pre session MP3 recording to start the process.

My Approach

I work with people one on one through coaching and hypnotherapy to help them to heal deeply by diving into their subconscious and removing triggers and old beliefs fast so that they can reach their ultimate goals.

I lead by example and gave up smoking and alcohol through hypnotherapy. I suffered with huge anxiety before I became alcohol free and only afterwards I realized that they were feeding off each other. I wasn’t a huge drinker but it was causing negative effects that I didn’t want to own up to.

Thus, my passion lies in helping others to also find their freedom.

Let’s do this!

With love,

Norah x