My Approach


I support professional women to take a break from alcohol and to chase their goals instead. 

I lead by example and gave up smoking and alcohol through hypnotherapy. I suffered with huge anxiety before I became alcohol free and only afterwards I realized that they were feeding off each other. I wasn’t a huge drinker (I didn’t categorize as an alcoholic) but it was causing negative effects that I didn’t want to own up to. These areas are where thousands of strong, independent and confident women seem to lose control. 

My passion lies in helping others to also find their alcohol freedom. For a period of time, or for good. I also work with clients ready to give up smoking, because it was so powerful for me, back in the day.


The big sticky word that comes up when we stop drinking alcohol is EMOTIONS. What the hell are these and how do I handle them? My clients have been avoiding issues, sometimes for decades, and these have to be acknowledged when they become alcohol free. It is a process. It is simple, but it’s not easy.

When we learn how to sit with our feelings without using any numbing approaches, life begins to transform. By using the mind to control our thoughts, we can control our lives. No longer needing alcohol to tape over or dim down parts of it.

Life is so short in the first instance, why the hell are we blocking so much of it out? 

With love,

Norah x

My mission is to help women to excel, by supporting them to eradicate triggers, heal deeply and feel worthy so they can find their freedom, joy and peace – ready to follow their true path in life with  true confidence and clarity.



 As confident, successful women, alcohol is a huge issue in our lives where we seem to lose control often.

But you can change that.

So, how can you take control again? (so you can feel confident inwardly as well).  You have a feeling of dread more often than you care to admit these days and you are ready to do something pro active about it. 

Whatever the missing link for you in these areas, I have got a program for you that will help you to finally get over this for good. So that you really can be the sassy, in control, fabulous and confident woman that you know you are. 

I’m here to help and support you through your journey. Whether it’s smoking or drinking alcohol.

I know it seems like a long road ahead. But don’t you owe it to yourself to be authentically you? How long are you going to put off living? I mean truly living. 

 Let me show you the proven path to finding peace, learning to handle your emotions and finding freedom, naturally. 

I have a program available to you right now that will change your life if you allow it. If you decide to put yourself first.

Please know that as your coach, I will be there. I will support you on your journey towards freedom.  I will walk you through the process. You can build the life that you dream of and enjoy the process!

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1:1 Change Your Drinking. 

A 2 hour intensive package for people who want to assess their drinking and are looking for experienced, expert guidance to analyse their situation and assist them in designing a new structure around alcohol in their life.

This package includes a 1:1 online session with myself (via Zoom or Skype). 

1 follow up email.

We write up a personalized plan together and redesign your environments so you can succeed with ease!

You receive a complimentary hypnosis recording via MP3 from me, to listen to during your journey to fast forward your progress.

Click here to book a free assessment call with me to see if this package is suitable for you. 

Your investment €297


8 week 1:1 Intensive

8 Week 1:1 Coaching package – 3 Coaching sessions, 1 personalized hypnotherapy session, in the comfort of your own home. Change your mindset, fast.

I am available to you for ongoing support DAILY for your whole journey so you can finally address things that are going on for you right now, with support and guidance for the whole 8 weeks.

You will also be in my group where my coaching clients learn and grow from each other long after the package ends.

Meet like minded individuals, connect and flourish. Now is your time!

 Your investment €1500 (Payment plan available). 

Book a 20 minutes assessment with me to see if you are suitable for this package. 

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Becoming Alcohol Free – Making the Change – 4 month Signature Intensive 1:1 Program

Find all of the information on this program here


Quit Smoking 1:1 (Face to face or online)

A pre session recording to listen to, to prep you for our first appointment.

Our appointment to quit smoking (face to face or via Skype or Zoom online).

A hypnosis recording to solidify your decision and promote relaxation & empowerment.

Full Investment: 190 euro 

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