the magic formula to create more time, money & freedom in your life

23rd, 24th & 25th of November at 2pm BST

Are you ready to open yourself up  to success? 

To receive more money? To create more time and freedom in your day? So that you can make giant leaps towards your goals?

I will show you how to fill your mind with inspired action ideas, no matter WHAT roadblocks are in your way right now. Bye bye confusion and overwhelm!

I will give you the roadmap to success by sharing my magic formula that creates more time money and freedom for me, every single day – and it will for you too!

I know you want to move forward and hit some big goals in 2020. There’s still lots of time! This training will show you how. 

 If you’re not getting the results you desire, then this training will change that for you. 

Is this training for you?

Has taking action been on your to do list for a while now? You know what your end goal is but you never seem to get closer to them? 

You are ambitious and passionate but you’re feeling the stress and confusion about how to move forward.

Maybe you’re not sure what your end goal is, but you know you are ready to grow, now!

I know you don’t want to keep putting life off. That’s why I’ve created this 3 day free training for you.

I will show you how to reduce your overwhelm and rid the confusion so that you can start taking big action steps towards your goals.
It’s my magic formula and I’m super excited to share it with you!

Let me ask you a powerful question 

What would you do if you woke up in 6 weeks time and realised that your new action taking was bringing in your desired results finally?

Really feel into the future you for a moment. 

You are relaxed and carefree, with all the time in the world. 

You are making twice as much money doing work that you love, and it’s coming easily to you now. 

You are setting goals and achieving them! Getting up in the morning and getting stuff done, no more hitting the snooze button and wishing the day didn’t have to start. 


Norah Ginty


Norah is a hypnotherapist & transformation coach for ambitious and passionate women. Norah’s no fluff approach  helps women to let go of the crap keeping them stuck so they can reach their dream goals.

Norah works online and has an international client base. Norah’s clients hit their goals fast. From weight loss to your dream business or car, if its your goal, Norah’s 3 step framework helps you to fulfil it.

What you will learn:

* How to manage your time and stop rushing. Get things done with ease

* Removing money blocks that are stopping you from receiving

* How to create more freedom in your days

*How to remove take control of your thoughts and influence your end results

*The full magic formula in creating more time, money & freedom in your life

I have finally found the  support and encouragement in helping to achieve my goal all received from Norah, it’s absolutely fantastic! I started to achieve my goals within one week, just amazing really. I’m feeling very positive with all of the changes happening, bring it on! Aine


The hypnosis sessions with Norah have been tremendously helpful in resetting my mindset and instilling joy and hope into my life where I previously thought there were none. She helped me to establish a morning gratitude and mindset routine. It’s a whole lifestyle change for me. Norah has been a blessing to my life. Lori


Norah is an amazing transformation coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was hesitant about coaching but I felt a connection with her immediately and she made the process the perfect combination of challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Norah is encouraging, patient and understanding but also strong and direct in helping me push forward and realise my goals and dreams and I am already reaping the rewards of working with here. Kate