Become Alcohol Free

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Make your life one that your inner child will thank you for ~ Norah Ginty

What you can expect?

Feature 1

Personalized plan updated weekly for 16 weeks
Daily accountability, Emails, Videos, Texts
Making your mind work for you
Recognizing & Removing triggers

Feature 2

Creating pleasures
Self-Care & Self Love
Release FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) once and for all

Feature 3

Uncovering and honoring your talents and gifts
Letting go of negative spaces
Healing alcohol wounds
Discovering your dreams

Feature 4

Following your true intended path
Connecting with the child within
Cultivate self love

If you follow the program, at the end of the 16 weeks, your world will be in total transformation!

Hi, I'm Norah Ginty

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist & alcohol free lifestyle coach.My mission is to help women to excel, by diving into their subconscious mind and supporting them to eradicate triggers, heal deeply and feel worthy so they can find their freedom, joy and peace – ready to follow their true path in life with confidence and clarity. 

I have designed specialized programs, using hypnotherapy and coaching combined. 

If you are interested in finding your freedom lets hop on a free discovery call to see if we would be a good match to work together. You can schedule the free appointment below.

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This specialized program is now open. Are you ready?

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