I gave up alcohol 1st January 2018.

A week before I gave up I started a journal.

I am sharing this part of me with you,

with the belief that it is going to help you.

Here’s why:


  • Fear of the unknown can stop a person taking action
  • When you read a story similar to yours, you don’t feel so alone
  • Reading about another persons journey provides motivation and inspiration
  • Talking about alcohol breaks the stigma around it
  • To spread the word about alcohol and the huge gray area around it
  • To show you that there is another way that is empowering and self nurturing that doesn’t require any amount of victimiztion or self blame

You can have the life you want

What if I told you that willpower has little to do with achieving your alcohol free success? That by planning and being aware of your mindset you can make changes, happily!

I will share my journal clips with you for the whole of 2018 as soon as they are ready. Make sure you sign up above so you don’t miss them.  In the meantime, if you are looking for support with your drinking do not hesitate to contact me on hello@norahginty.com

With Love, 

Norah x