How to Stop Drinking Alcohol And Thrive, 

 Without Willpower!

Make your life one that your inner child will thank you for ~ Norah Ginty

Is this free training for you? 

Do you want to take a break from alcohol but don't like feeling deprived? 

Are you afraid you will feel miserable without alcohol? 

Maybe you have white knuckled it in the past through a period of abstinence and it was a horrible experience?

Do you worry that you will be boring and no fun anymore?

Do you stop for a few days, maybe a few weeks and then go back to the way things were in the first place? 

Do you enjoy drinking at the beginning of the session but end up waking in the night or early morning and feeling like utter crap and wonder why you keep doing it to yourself? 

Maybe you are able to take long breaks from alcohol but you can't find 'yourself' in the process and you're not feeling the inner 'joy' and 'peace' that others speak of.

Are you ready to learn  how you can take ownership of your journey?

Are you ready to stop feeling miserable? 

To stand vibrant and tall in your own skin?

Are you ready to make changes, without willpower, but with fun and determination instead?

What you can Expect

This free training will explain how you can do all that. 

You CAN stop drinking easily. 

You CAN learn to listen to your emotions without trying to block them out. 

You CAN enjoy the process. 

You  CAN take control of your situation immediately. 

Hi, I'm Norah Ginty

I have been where you are now. 

I struggled with day 1's for 15 years before I finally took a prolonged break from alcohol. 

Since the tender age of 14 I hid every emotion I could! Alcohol helped me to do that. I didn't believe that would ever change.

Yet, it did.

I loved the journey of becoming alcohol free so much, I never went back! 

During the masterclass I will share my story and also the secrets that finally made it so easy for me after 15 years of day 1s with the willpower method.

You can do it too! (and save years in the process).

With Love, 

Norah x

What Others Say


I struggled for years with alcohol. I didn't see any way out when I came across Norah on Facebook by chance. I was apprehensive before I started but decided to try it out. I have never looked back. My whole life has changed. It is a powerful journey.



The hypnosis sessions with Norah are like having a 1:1 every day with Norah. They take away the desperation I had with previous attempts. That frantic fear that I would fail and give in again..Norah's words allow me to access a wonderful calm strength from within.



I am working with Norah to permanently eliminate alcohol from my life.  I am successful since I have daily contact with her.  Listening to the hypnotherapy recording has been tremendously helpful in resetting my mindset and instilling joy and hope into my life where I previously thought there was none.  She has helped me establish a morning gratitude and mindset routine that is having a positive change into my life.  This is not only a way to eliminate alcohol from my life but a whole life change for me.  I look forward to continuing to work with Norah as she has been a blessing to my life. 


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