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Frequently Asked

What services and packages do you offer?
I offer hypnotherapy and coaching services. I specalize in helping those wishing to become alcohol free and becoming cigarette free. Get in touch for more information and to see if I can help you.
Will I remember anything after hypnosis?
People remember everything about being hypnotized. If You have seen stage hypnosis on television or at a show, you may have witnessed people stating that they couldn’t remember things that happened. This is posthypnotic amnesia and is limited and temporary in occurrence.

Through my work I record personalized hypnotherapy sessions for my client after an online extensive face to face consultation. I send them the MP3 where they can listen to it in the comfort of their own home. This is as successful as being in the room with me and can be even more successful in cases where people feel uncomfortable closing their eyes for long periods of time in a therapy setting.

What if I can’t move in hypnosis?
When I did my first session to give up smoking with a hypnotherapist I myself was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to move. It took me a long time to book because of that apprehension at the beginning.

The hypnotherapist explained to me what type of program she was going to add to my subconscious before the session began and I was aware the whole time.

Whilst I could have got up and left the room at any stage, I didn’t WANT to. I wanted to give up smoking, I wanted to be there, and so I allowed the process to happen.

I am now a non smoker. It was that consultation that began my fascination in hypnotherapy and I eventually trained to become a hypnotherapist myself.

Can you control my mind? Like make me transfer money to you?
I work face to face and also online with clients in my work.
A serious question I am often asked is:

What if you control my mind? Like, what if you make me transfer a load of money to you?

#1 Myth! ! !

This isn’t possible!

Yes, I can access your subconscious (if you allow me) through hypnosis and give your subconscious new information –


It only takes affect if you ACCEPT the suggestion.

So – for example, I say, you will transfer 5k to me right now online, you are just going to say erm, no I’m not!! WHY? When something goes against your belief system in hypnosis the suggestion will NOT be absorbed. YOU have control of your mind AT ALL TIMES – Hypnosis FACT!!

Hypnosis is super powerful, but just not THAT powerful 😉

It is quite simple really — If you believe what I say to you (under hypnosis) to be true, then true it can become for you, so if you agree with my statement and want it to be your truth, your subconscious can accept it.

#1 Myth cleared I hope!!

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