Hypnosis for Calm and control

hypnosis supports you to change your subconscious thinking. 

Reprogram your thinking, FAST.

Hi, I'm Norah Ginty

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist & transformation coach.I work with ladies that are ready to level up their mindset and action taking for inward and outward success.

I've supported a lot of people since focusing solely on my life coaching & hypnotherapy business & skills. Mostly high achievers who are ready to stop the excuses, the procrastination, the busyness, and to go for what they truly want in life. 

I'm here for the passionate soul who knows there is more to life than what is currently holding them back.

I guide you so you can stop hiding, connect with your true purpose (your dream life) and support you to bring those dreams into reality. 

Enjoy your hypnosis and let me know how you get on with it.

With Love. Norah x

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