Becoming Alcohol Free – Making Lasting Change

Find Your Freedom, Joy & Peace


Your path to an entire life of freedom!

Are you smart, upfront and almost in control of everything?

Your path to an entire life of freedom!

Are you smart, upfront and almost in control of everything?

What is the true version of yourself when you’re not inhibiting your potential with alcohol?

Are you busy with high stress levels and want to turn off the noise for a while?

Do you seek relief in a glass of wine at night? A little Gin & Tonic?

I know I did.

Are you worried that you’re drinking could end up in alcoholism?

Are you feeling anxiety or shame around your drinking and losing precious time the next day hungover?

Or that you may lose your close relationships because you’re drinking too much?

Do you feel like alcohol has too much of a part to play in your life?

Are you dulling your senses, so you don’t have to deal with what’s going on in your life?

Alcohol is stopping you from following your true path.

It feels like If you’re not pregnant or on antibiotics you should be drinking with everyone else right? And if you don’t people wonder what’s wrong with you. You are called boring and told to have ‘just the one’.

I know how you feel because I’ve been there.

There is a way forward.

You don’t need to struggle. You don’t need to stay on the path of negative emotions; shame, guilt; fear. You don’t need to fight with yourself anymore.

This alcohol free path is here waiting for you.

This path is full of life, light, positive change and it is available to you right now.

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Let me tell you a little about my story.

I started questioning my relationship with alcohol when I had my first child. I had always used alcohol to unwind, to let my hair down, to relax. It’s what all my friends did.

So it must be OK right?

After I had my baby, I realized that I was not able to go back to drinking the way I had pre pregnancy and be able to give my child 100% so decided to cut right down. My child cried for most of the day and a lot of the night (I didn’t know then that she had colic) and it led me to feel very down and anxious about my parenting. I quickly went back to my old habits of using alcohol as a coping mechanism and began to drink wine at home, as was becoming fashionable at that time. So it began, my battle with alcohol.

Each time I would drink too much, I’d promise myself the following morning through feelings of guilt and shame that I would not drink again that evening. Yet come evening time, my stress levels would be screaming for a glass of red to wash the crazy day to the back of my mind.

It’s a stress reliever I told myself, right? Everyone does it, so it must be OK. Right?

I wasn’t a huge drinker. I’d drink a glass or two of red wine in the evenings, more if I had visitors and sometimes, I’d drink more at weekends – a lot more if out with friends. Shots were obligatory. I would drink alcohol even though I would wake every night at 3am feeling dehydrated, anxious and unable to get back to sleep, waves of sadness and guilt consuming me. I was so afraid of giving up alcohol and dealing with the emotions. I felt like my life was in turmoil even though from the outside in, it looked great.

The cycle continued for the next 15 years and 3 more children. At times I moderated well, would feel great after a couple of weeks, only to ‘reward’ myself with a glass of wine, and it continued again.

Can you relate to any of this?

I thought I’d never get off the roller coaster. It felt scary. I looked around for help but didn’t like the options I found. I didn’t classify as an alcoholic so I just kept on drinking. I didn’t know another way.

So I stayed on the path I knew but didn’t wanna be on.

There was no huge blackout or arrest or fight that changed my ways.

I finally made the decision. I was going to give up alcohol for 12 months. And if I didn’t do it, or couldn’t do it, I was going to go and confess to my doctor that I had a problem.

I was a hypnotherapist. I set up a personalized plan for myself and successfully quit for good. At that time I was totally unsure if I could do it, I had tried so many times before, literally 100s, and I was so full of fear. That fear of failure was huge. But I had to try. Little did I realize that I would never have to deal with the sadness or the guilt or the shame that I had been so fearful of – in fact alcohol caused them and as the poison left my body, so did most of the negative emotions.

Alcohol fooled me.

My only regret now is that I did not find the tools 15 years earlier.

My life is amazing; in just 19 months of becoming alcohol free I am reaching my life goals at an astounding rate. For the first time in my life I value my self-worth, I am following my dreams without fear, without running away from emotions that come up every day. I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight and my skin has never been clearer or looked so well.

Becoming alcohol free gives me such a great feeling inside out. I am finally proud to be me. I trust this journey with 100% of my being and I want to help you to become free too. To find peace, freedom, fulfillment, joy and so much more in EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. No alcohol required, I promise! Here are some of the benefits that I have witnessed personally since I gave up alcohol.

– My skin looks 5 years younger

– I lost over 2 stone in body weight.

– I no longer suffer with anxiety.

– I still have days when I am not feeling 100% but now I can look inside and find out WHY.

– I feel moments of joy and then feel even better when I realize that I don’t need to ‘come down’ from the feeling.

– I have followed all of my dreams in 2018!

– I had a HUGE list for 2019! And I’ve smashed through them all!



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Are you ready to start living in a whole new way?

Do you want to follow this path, but you are scared?

Do you worry about fear of failure?

Are you unsure if you can live without alcohol?

Do you wonder how you will bond with others?

Do you feel your life will be boring, or you will constantly feel like you are missing out?

I get it. I do. Because I’ve been there. I’ve felt it. I’ve travelled it.

This path is your way forward.

About Becoming Alcohol Free – Making Lasting Change

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Daily Check-Ins & Accountability

4 months / 16 weeks

8 x 1:1 coaching sessions

3 personalized hypnotherapy consultations with Mp3 recordings

Training Videos


Giving up alcohol is the first step to becoming Free.

Giving up alcohol is just the first step. Dealing with everything that comes up when the alcohol is no longer present are the steps that often cause failure. When you are so used to drinking for fun, sadness, boredom and celebration, how do you change all of that? Trying to control our thoughts, emotions and habits using our conscious brain is a constant battle. I’m a hypnotherapist. I’m a Life Coach. And I’ve been where you are at now.
Let me tell you something.

90% of our mind is controlled by the subconscious part of our brain. And the conscious part (10% of your whole brain) is the part battling with you each day – and has little to do with the outcome (because your subconscious has already decided).

That is why so many people fail becoming alcohol free when they rely on willpower alone.
Take a computer for an example: If the software was outdated on it, you would access the hard drive and you would update the software. If you didn’t do this, you could still use the computer but imagine how slow it would be and problematic the more time that passed. Imagine how much longer it would take to do a task.

Hypnotherapy is a tool used to directly access the subconscious mind. Using hypnotherapy and coaching combined, through my unique & specialized package, my clients replace alcohol with positive habits and changes so they move forward, fast.

Quitting alcohol is one of the most important decisions of your life.
But your old habits creep back in when willpower alone gets tough. Your environment is programmed to your current habits. You need to reprogram your subconscious so that change is easy and long lasting. In this program, you not only become alcohol free but you chase your dreams and make them a reality!

What if becoming alcohol free opened your life to actually enjoy vibrant health, time with your loved ones and be happier and more successful in your career?

How would it feel to be free from the obsessing thoughts like “where can I get a drink?”, “when is this over so I can go

and pour myself a drink?” “maybe I’ll just have one tonight, after all.”

How would it feel to be able to go to social events whether work holiday party or family birthday without the fear of missing out even if you don’t drink alcohol?

What is the true version of yourself when you’re not inhibiting your potential with alcohol?
You don’t need to suppress your truth anymore.

If you are:

• Tired of having countless day 1’s and starting back at the beginning ALL THE TIME

• Tired of using alcohol as a crutch to get through your stressful life

• Unable to get through hectic times without alcohol to quieten your mind in the evenings

• Scared of how you will cope without your alcohol habit, that fuzzy, relaxing haze the first drink brings

• Unable to turn down the constant free flow of alcohol that’s around you whether at home or at work

• Struggling to handle your anxiety levels and 3am night panics

• Afraid alcohol is taking over your life and become a toxic priority before your job, your family and your health

If you feel you are ready for change and become alcohol-free once and for all then let me introduce you to:


Hypnotherapy & Alcohol Free Lifestyle Coaching Program

Personalized 4 month package

What you can expect:

Month 1:

Personalized plan updated weekly for 16 weeks

Daily accountability, Emails, Videos, Texts

Making your mind work for you

Recognizing & Removing triggers

Month 2:

Creating pleasures

Self-Care & Self Love

Release FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) once and for all

Month 3:

Uncovering and honoring your talents and gifts

Letting go of negative spaces

Healing alcohol wounds

Discovering your dreams

Month 4:

Following your true intended path

Connecting with the child within

Cultivate self love

Included in the package:

Included in the package:

8 x 1:1 coaching sessions with me & 3 personalized hypnotherapy sessions. We will schedule a call as soon as you sign up to the program and we will begin to devise your personalized plan to get you started.

You will have entry to a closed Facebook group where you can share tips and inspire each other.

During this program I will:

• Dispel advertising myths

• Prove that alcohol has NO benefits

• Explain why AA doesn’t work for some people

• Show you the many diseases linked to alcohol use

• Share statistics

• Explain moderation myths – why moderation doesn’t work

• Give you the secret to giving up alcohol easily and for good

• Show you how to give your body time to re-calibrate

• Use life coaching tools and methods to identify triggers in your routine

• Give tips on diet & exercise and how they aid recovery

• Tackle FOMO

• set goals- together – during our 1:1 consultation



You will also get:

• Practices to empower your days so you feel your absolute best

• Lessons to learn to listen to your inner voice

• Tips to deal with emotions that come up daily without alcohol

• Information on making sober friends

• Confidence to make the changes required for you to be your best self

• To work towards your goals with clarity and a feeling of empowerment

• Practicing healthy behaviors mentally and physically

*** Payment Plan Available ***

If you follow the program, at the end of the 16 weeks, your world will be in total transformation!



Your skin and hair will improve You will have so much more energy You will find hours in the days that you never knew existed, getting twice as much completed each day Become more aware of your body and what it needs


You will have no fear of missing out Become more alert Feel less anxious Become more focused than ever before Become a decision maker Know what your goals are and how to get there


You will be much more in tune with your emotions You will be present for those who love you You will learn to love yourself Begin to experience fulfilment Be confident and empowered about your alcohol free lifestyle choice


You will be able to sit with yourself in stillness without looking for your crutch You will be able to tune into your intuition more readily You will be know how to practice meditation daily You will be more mindful You will practice gratitude

Because these changes will be in your life, you will be able to make decisions easier. You will be able to see clearly what you want and deserve in life and you will be able to reach for your goals with more clarity and ease.

This 4 month program costs 2970 euro and payment plans are available if required. Get in touch for more information

Everything in this program is designed to open you up to a whole new level of freedom, peace, confidence, joy and gratitude.

What could you do if alcohol wasn’t sabotaging your productivity?

What savings would you make by not drinking alcohol?

What if you spend that money by chasing your dream, fully supported, rather than dulling it?

Where would you be in 12 months if you decide to invest in YOU for the rest of 2019?

What would you be able to achieve?

What world would you create?

What would you do if fear didn’t exist?

This is just the beginning for you.

Are you ready to get started?

Are you ready for a total transformation in your life?

Can you afford NOT to do this?

With Love,

Norah x

Let’s start this journey today