Are You Ready To Rise?

You know you are meant for more… 

You can feel the passion inside of you, but it’s not showing up on the outside. 

Things keep getting in the way of your success.. 

Bad habits, self sabotage, lack of confidence & overwhelm.

It’s like groundhog day.. 

Even though you know you want more, you begin to make changes – but they don’t last very long.

Something always gets in the way. 

Back to the old routine.
Back to the old habits.
Back to the same results.

You look back 6 or 12 months and realise that nothing has changed.. again.

My name is Norah and I know how you feel.

My life used to be exactly like that. 

I could see time pushing on, I wanted change, I knew I desired more, I tried to move forward, but nothing ever changed long term.  I always ended up at the same place where I started. 

Outwardly, I was a success! I ran a charity that I set up and often held classes and activities in the community. I was married with beautiful children and a fabulous house. 

But on the inside, it wasn’t true.

I was unhappy, in a toxic marriage and I felt worthless. 

I was working full time for pittance pay in a charity that I set up to help others. 

I drank too much wine in the evenings to escape the overwhelming emotions and help me avoid the reality of the way I was feeling. 

I worked hard every day to make my situation better but the results always stayed the same. Long term, nothing changed. 

I came to the point where I knew it was sink or swim. 

I knew my bad habits could end in addiction if I did not face up to them and make different choices every day. 

I had that burning desire in me to help people – but I needed to find a way to do it that did not burn me out and leave me with no money at the end of every month. 


It began with the decision to change.

I hired Coaches, CBT therapists, Virtual Assistants, Healers and Hypnotherapists and went on a journey to transform my results and get the success that I deeply wanted. I trusted in my journey and invested tens of thousands, reinvesting money my new business began to make for me.

The deeper I searched inside of myself the more I realised that the answers lay in doing the work on the inside, not the outside. Change begins in the mind. Success comes from within first, always.

When I looked back into my childhood, I noticed the same patterns – my behaviours were pre programmed to be at a certain level because it is all that I knew. It is what my mind BELIEVED was my success level.  I had to break those limiting beliefs, those barriers, heal and align with the part of me that was limitless.

And when I did, my life began to transform.

Now I bring the best pieces of my work to you.

Introducing The Success Method™ 1:1

Following my signature The Success Method™ 1:1  I guide my clients to their goals through a powerful growth, development & healing journey.

Through hypnotic visualisation and deep coaching opportunities, I guide you to surrender and open up your mind to the possibilities around you. This includes unlearning the current programming keeping you stuck. When you connect fully with the future you desire, you are ready to commit to the changes necessary.

Currently a 12 month 1:1 program, The Success Method™ 1:1  will guide you through a transformation process where your life will finally become the one you deeply desire.

It doesn’t matter if it is your life or business where you want to see the results, the system is the same.

The 6 steps of The Success Circle™

1. Dream And Decision

Through hypnotic visualisation and deep coaching opportunities, I guide my clients to surrender and open up their mind to the possibilities around them. 

When you connect fully with the future you desire, your mind begins to think of ways to make your dream life come true.

2. Goal Setting

How to write them, connect with them and USE them to bring you success. What do you really want? What do you desire? This isn’t just about the conscious strategy, your soul needs to be heard too – it’s the magic ingredient.

When you connect fully with the future you desire, you are ready to commit to the changes necessary.

3. Heal & Align

It’s time to build the connection between your mind AND your higher self. You can do all of the mindset work in the world but you also need to bring your higher self into alignment too. During this process you become one with YOU. You connect with yourself at a deep level where you feel confident to bring your gifts to the world. You will also clear those limiting beliefs that have control of your life – It’s time to say goodbye to the imposter syndrome, the fear and the doubt. It’s time to let go of the bad habits keeping you stuck and replace them with habits for SUCCESS.

You know what you want and where you are going –It’s time to connect with that and accept your power.

4. Priceless Planning

Planning for success. Not planning properly is the quickest way to fail. Do you have your quarterly plan? Monthly plan? Weekly plan? Are you in alignment with them? Are they working for you or against you?

5. Sustained Success

Success comes in forming and integrating and repetition of the new successful habits –mindset practices, journaling, connection, accountability –You are deeply supported.

6. Aligned Action

Taking action at the exact time that will bring you quantum results. Listening to your intuition and following it with confidence. This piece comes as the last step. It’s where the big results come easily, through aligned action.

These steps were the crucial steps I needed to transform my life. I brought the best pieces of my trainings, learnings and growth to design this program to help you.

Ready to sign up already? (If you apply and are not suitable, a full refund will be given).

I am happy and grateful, and I feel joy in every single day.

Alcohol no longer plays a role in my life – it is not an emotional crutch.

I am worthy and I value myself – I put myself first.

I speak kindly to myself – I LOVE myself.

I run a successful business helping others to reach success fast.

I have healthy, daily, consistent habits that support my growth. I swim, eat consciously, enjoy massages and spa days and I nurture my body every day.

I work less hours in my business than ever before, so I can spend time with my children, and still earn more per month than I did working full time.

I have healthy relationships with strong, kind and caring people who value each other.

I notice the little things – nature, laughing, good health, and I give constant gratitude for it.

The Success Method™ 1:1 is for the person who wants to go in all – who is ready to transform all areas of their life & business.


– The 12 month 1:1 package includes:

– 12 x 1:1s – Where the deep work is done and transformation occurs

– 1:1 power sessions – To support you to pick you up when needed – you are deeply supported

– Personalised hypnosis sessions – to reprogram the old thought patterns keeping you stuck

– Monthly reviews on your goals so we you stay consistent and on track the whole year through

– Daily Whatsapp/ Voxer support (Mon – Fri) – for the full 12 months! 

12 months intensive support so you can reach your big goals and become your biggest, happiest, most content and successful self

Are you ready to rise?

We are magical beings. We have infinite potential.

Yet as human beings, we limit ourselves.

We believe we have limits and that setting and achieving goals is hard.

It’s supposed to be fun! That’s when results flow to you.

Your thoughts become things.

Your dreams can come true, everything is possible for you.

You CAN do this.

You can claim your place.

Are you ready to rise?


Any additional pre recorded support, such as my alcohol hypnosis sessions, stop smoking programs and more, as part of the program, for the full 12 months are gifted to you FREE as you move through the 12 month program. (Worth up to €3500)


Heal & Align Extended is kicking off again in the first quarter of 2022, and I’ve decided for the next 2 sign ups, this will be an added EXTRA BONUS!!

So for the next 2 people who sign up,  I’ll sign you up to that program complimentary as part of your package. The 6 training modules will further deepen your healing journey – you can take it as deep as you desire to go while being fully supported by me. (Worth up to €2500)


As soon as you sign up you will receive an extra gift. A powerful, success hypnotic recording that you can start listening to right away, even before our first appointment, so that your mind can begin to reprogram itself NOW. (Worth €150)

These bonuses are worth €6150! 

Mindset, energy, strategy and soul – all of the essential ingredients for you to reach your goals in 2022. 


Are you ready?

The 12 Month Success Method™ Experience is for you if: 

  • You are ready to connect with who you are and what you want. Ready to quieten the noise and look within.
  • You know you are meant for more, but you keep getting lost along the way.
  • It’s time to activate YOU.
  • You are READY to bring the future, successful results you desire into your reality NOW.
  • You are ready to go all in on your goals. You don’t have to know what they are yet. But you do have to know that you want the next 12 months to be very different to the past years. You are tired of the same old results.
  • You are ready to connect with who you are and what you want. Ready to quieten the noise and look within.
  • You are READY to bring the future, and the successful results you desire, into your reality NOW.
  • You want to make an impact, for your family, yourself, the WORLD!

This is not for you if: 

  • You cannot commit to doing the work.
  • You are looking for a quick fix.
  • You are not interested in breaking bad habits.
  • You are not serious about bringing in the results that you desire.

What others say about working with me:

"I began working with Norah over two years ago, when she supported me to quit drinking alcohol with hypnosis. Every day she was available for questions, encouragement and suggestions. I was successful where I had failed many times before. Then, I worked 1:1 with her on achieving my goals and my best life. At one point, after meditating, journaling, and visualization, I created a Vision Board during a workshop. With the power of thoughts, feelings and aligned actions, I have achieved just about every goal on my board in the past 15 months." Lori Duesing *** I can highly recommend Norah as a life & business coach because she enables you to identify and own your goals. She scaffolds smart steps of success to achievement alongside you. Norah is current and intuitive. Norah presented appropriate challenges for me that reaped rewards quickly and gained publicity in my business. Norah motivates you and supports you to be a driving force for your business. Norah is a powerful businesswoman who wants other women to succeed. Elaine Dean

Norah is just fantastic at coaching. I’ve been working with her since July ( it’s now early October!) My confidence and self belief has rocketed, while smashing through blocks and achieving my goals that I have set! If you want to succeed but not managing to do this by yourself, give Norah a call. You won’t regret it!! Louise Byrant ***

Norah´s coaching is amazing. She knows how to get me started and pushes me just right. Norah´s knowledge and coaching towards my goals suits me perfectly. She has all the solutions I asked for. In a month I have come further than I have ever done before. And I just love my personal hypnosis session to listening to every day. I can really recommend Norah´s coaching to anyone who is not advancing in their business, things are transforming really quick. Ingela Stenvall

Are you ready?

I am a soul led success coach and hypnotherapist with a worldwide client base. 

I support ambitious, passionate women to design and reach their dream goals in business and life.

Will you be my next success story?