affirmations for alcohol freedom

Affirmations are a powerful way to change your subconscious thinking. 

When you use precise affirmations towards becoming alcohol free, you are reprogramming your thinking, FAST.

Make your life one that your inner child will thank you for ~ Norah Ginty

affirmation yourself to success!

Hi, I'm Norah Ginty

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist & transformation coach.My mission is to support women to unlock their full potential and reach their top shelf goals. 

I've supported a lot of people since focusing solely on my life coaching & hypnotherapy business & skills. Mostly working with women who are ambitious, passionate and who always strive for more!

In our world today, we tend to build up an armor to protect ourselves and our vulnerabilities. Alcohol is an accepted part of our society and so it is an easy way for us to hide, if you like. We use it to quieten our mind in the evening and we call it a relaxant, but it's just not true. Firstly, alcohol is a depressant. Secondly, we are using alcohol so we can STOP thinking, as opposed to relaxing. So, while we think we are protecting ourselves, we are actually doing the opposite. We are destroying our innate ability to be able to handle what life throws at us and to allow us to break through fear barriers to we can become more successful. Therefore, we are lowering our self esteem rather than building up our confidence, over a period of time! 

So lets change Your alcohol habit right now!!

Generally, to change habits effectively, you must replace the unhealthy habit with a new, positive habit.

Affirmations are a powerful tool in this journey.

So here's what I'd like you to do for the next 30 days:

Listen to the affirmations when you usually think of, or drink alcohol. Also listen to it upon waking first thing in the morning and listen to it last thing before you sleep, to begin to retrain your mind FAST. During these times your mind is most receptive to reprogramming. The affirmation recording is only a few minutes long. You can loop the play if you would like longer, but the 6 minutes is sufficient and purposely recorded short.

It is long enough to get your over a craving, short enough to allow you the time to listen!

After the 30 days, listen to it every day at least once to keep the new programming straight. Any questions? Email me x

Listen to your affirmations as much as you possibly can for the 30 days!

With Love, Norah x

Norah's words allow me to access a calm strength from within and listen to my own intuition that says I don't want to or need to, drink alcohol. "

Nicola Butler

Norah's recordings really help me, and the constant  advice and support has kept me on the right road. Thank you!"

Vanessa Hill

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