About Me

My name is Norah Ginty. I am a certified hypnotherapist & alcohol free lifestyle coach.

So, how did I come to be where I am today?

A few years ago, I visited a hypnotherapist to help me to give up smoking. It was a last resort and to say I was nervous walking into that office is a nice way of putting it! But I did it – because i’d tried everything else and failed. After 15 years of trying a failing and shaming myself for being weak, I walked out of the office a non smoker. I couldn’t believe it!

My interest grew in hypnotherapy – how did I give up so easily after years and years of struggles??  I started studying hypnosis and I became hooked on it and the amazing results hypnotherapy brings. Eventually I decided to become certified so I could help others, which I did in 2016. I have used hypnotherapy for personal development since and other areas in my life and truly stand behind hypnosis and its effects. I know that everyone can have success if they really want it.

On my personal development journey, I decided to give up drinking alcohol last year. I had been thinking about it for years but never managed to get past the first few days. I wondered what was holding me back and achieving my alcohol free lifestyle goal as I didn’t categorize as an ‘alcoholic’. I just liked my glass of wine in the evening and nights out with friends and family. But I didn’t like the effect it had on me, especially the days after when I would feel sluggish, tired and depressed. Eventually, I customized a plan and I gave up alcohol January 1st 2018 – and I haven’t looked back! I have found freedom and peace at last, with confidence and clarity to chase my dreams. When I was drinking, my dreams were left on the pillow as my weekends were spent nursing hangovers. Now, I put life into my dreams and run after what I truly want in life.

I want to help others to become alcohol free without wasting anymore time. It took me over 10 years to achieve my goal of living alcohol free. I want to ensure that your goal doesn’t take any longer than it has already.

Life’s too short to be anything but happy — so what’s holding you back?

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