Make your life one that your inner child will thank you for ~ Norah Ginty

My Story

So, how did I come to be where I am today?

A few years ago, I visited a hypnotherapist to help me to give up smoking. It was a last resort and to say I was nervous walking into that office is a nice way of putting it! But I did it – because i’d tried everything else and failed. After 15 years of trying a failing and shaming myself for being weak, I walked out of the office a non smoker. I couldn’t believe it!

My interest grew in hypnotherapy – how did I give up so easily after years and years of struggles?? I started studying hypnosis and I became hooked on it and the amazing results hypnotherapy brings. Eventually I decided to become certified so I could help others, which I did in 2016. I have used hypnotherapy for personal development since and other areas in my life and truly stand behind hypnosis and its effects. I know that everyone can have success if they really want it.

On my personal development journey, I decided to give up drinking alcohol last year. I had been thinking about it for years but never managed to get past the first few days. I wondered what was holding me back and achieving my alcohol free lifestyle goal as I didn’t categorize as an ‘alcoholic’.

The sliding scale of alcohol 

I started questioning my relationship with alcohol when I had my first child. I had always used alcohol to unwind, to let my hair down, to relax. It’s what all of my friends did. After I had my baby I realized that I was not able to go back to drinking the way I had pre-pregnancy and be able to give my child 100% so decided to cut right down. My baby had colic and cried a lot! It led me to feel very down and anxious about my parenting. I quickly went back to my old habits of using alcohol as a coping mechanism and began to drink wine at home, as was becoming fashionable at the time.

(I was using alcohol as an emotion blocker since I was 14 years of age but I never realized what I was doing, because a nice drink after a long day was self care right?! Wrong!)

So began my conscious battle with alcohol. Each time I would drink too much, I’d promise myself the following morning through feelings of guilt and shame that I would not drink again that evening. Yet come evening time, my stress levels would be screaming for a glass of red to wash the crazy day to the back of my mind. I wasn’t a huge drinker. I’d drink a glass or two of red wine in the evenings, more if I had visitors and sometimes I’d drink more at weekends – a lot more if out with friends. Shots were obligatory!  I could not stop even though I would wake every night at 3am feeling dehydrated, anxious and unable to get back to sleep, waves of sadness and guilt consuming me. Why couldn’t I stick to my goals? Why did alcohol not suit me? Why am I the only one that feels crap after alcohol?

(I thought I was alone, and there was no one around me that I could see to offer me the support I badly needed).

I was so afraid of giving up alcohol and dealing with the feelings of sadness. What if I couldn’t do it? What would I use to relax? To have fun? How would I deal with the boredom that would surely come from not drinking alcohol? How would I have FUN without it? 

The cycle continued for the next 15 years and 3 more children. At times I moderated well, would feel great after a couple of weeks, only to ‘reward’ myself with a glass of wine, and so it began again.

My feelings of despair came and went. I searched google for answers on giving up alcohol but it just told me to moderate. Moderation made me think about alcohol all the time! I didn’t like anything taking up my head space in this way and yet I couldn’t stop. How was it helping me to relax but also heightening my anxiety?

This brought me to the realization that alcohol is the very same as cigarettes. A drug that needs to be stopped in order to regain control and freedom from it. 

So, winter 2017, I set up the tools through hypnosis and coaching and decided to do a full year without alcohol, to finally see if it was alcohol that was the problem, or if indeed it was me (as I believed).


I will forever be thankful that I was strong enough and loved myself enough  to take a jump off a cliff and try the new way of living without alcohol. I have finally found freedom, joy and peace. Things I thought just weren’t meant for me. I thought I was just born not to feel as much as others did. Wrong again! It wasn’t all plain sailing but it was worth every minute of the journey.



Little did I realize that I would never have to deal with the sadness or the guilt or the shame – alcohol caused them and as the poison left my body, so did most of the negative emotions. With that, the small daily tasks began to spark joy in me. Yes, joy! Watching my little one play in the bath or wrap her little chubby arms right around my shoulders for one more cuddle before bed no longer irritated me (cutting into ME time) and instead tears found their way into my eyes, so full of gratitude and thankfulness were they that I found a way out of the alcohol trap.  I now get to experience the joy of simple routine. 

This path isn’t easy. You go against 95% of people who think and believe that wine is Mummys helper and beer is Daddys friend. But knowing the truth about alcohol in your soul is going to set you free more than peoples acceptance ever could. You learn to stand away from society and it’s thwarted view of a drug which claims thousands of lives each day and you can tap into your true self and no longer hide behind the foggy, tinted glasses – you get to live in HD and believe me, when the little things happen in HD they feel bloody amazing and there is no hangover and no drug required! 

Pretty soon, alcohol is going to be viewed as anti social and frowned upon just like cigarettes are now. We once thought that was never possible. Remember the Doctors advocating smoking in the advertisements not so long ago?  Change is brewing fast (pardon the pun).

Alcohol is a drug, you take it long enough you will become addicted. I realize now I was psychologically addicted. I’m so thankful that I got out of the trap before it physically took hold of me, and you can too. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to want to change your relationship. The belief that some people are prone to alcoholism and some aren’t is utter crap! You take an addictive drug long enough, you are gonna become addicted! Ethanol is addictive!

(And BTW, alcohol is a depressant, NOT a relaxant. But you already know that really, don’t you)?


People say you should never have regrets but i’d be lying if I said that I didn’t wish I found the tools 10 years earlier than I did

My life is amazing; in just 19 months of becoming alcohol free I am reaching my life goals at an astounding rate. For the first time in my life I value my self worth, I am following my dreams without fear, without running away from emotions that come up every day. Becoming alcohol free gives me such a great feeling inside out. I am finally proud to be me. I trust this journey with 100% of my being and I want to support you to become alcohol free too. To find peace, freedom, fulfillment, joy and so much more in EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. No alcohol required, I promise!

I have found freedom and peace at last, with confidence and clarity to chase my dreams. When I was drinking, my dreams were left on the pillow as my weekends were spent nursing hangovers. Now, I put life into my dreams and run after what I truly want in life.

I want to help others to become alcohol free without wasting anymore time. It took me nearly 15 years to achieve my goal of living alcohol free. I want to ensure that your goal doesn’t take any longer than it has already.

Life’s too short to be anything but happy — so what’s holding you back?

Can you afford NOT to do this? What price can you put on your freedom, joy and peace of mind?

Lets hop on a free discovery call to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

My Approach


I work with people through coaching and hypnotherapy to help them to become alcohol free and redesign their environments so they can follow and reach their goals easily. We remove triggers and old beliefs fast so that you can truly excel in your goals.

I lead by example and gave up drinking alcohol myself using this path that I personally designed. I now support other powerhouses to become successful in their alcohol free journey. Through weekly 1:1 sessions, personalized hypnotherapy sessions & accountability, current lifestyles are redesigned so that energy levels soar and life becomes much more enjoyable. Finding joy in the little things is going to amaze you, I promise.

Exercise becomes something to look forward to, health is prioritized, self care is enjoyed every day, without guilt, without shame. Instead, with love, compassion and grace. Watch yourself lose weight without even trying! Alcohol is full of sugar! You can have your cake, eat it, and lose weight! What’s not to like?

Are you questioning your relationship with alcohol?  I assure you, if you are questioning your relationship, it is not a good one. Take action now and watch your life transform in front of your eyes. There is no need for fear in this process. You lean on  me for the full duration of your journey in this program. I am personally with you every step of the way. I take absolute pleasure in watching and supporting you in smashing through any obstacles, emotions, beliefs or old stories that come up. You’ve got this and I’ve got you! Our lives are so bloody short, it’s time now to start living it the way you were born to!

Book a free call with me, ask me any questions you have! 

With Love,

Norah x