Norah Ginty

Hypnotherapist & Transformation Coach

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Hi, I’m Norah

Are you ready to start waking up in the morning and actually looking forward to your day? To be more effective in your work, your business & your whole life? To step into a world of limitless opportunities?

Whether you are looking for support as an individual or for your corporate organisation, I am here to help you bring quantum results to the surface.

Most people waste endless hours trying to cope with constant overwhelm. Always waiting for a change to external circumstances before ‘things will be easier’. What if I told you you could change everything now. Fast.

If you’re open to support to become unstuck, gain clarity, break through your blocks, shake off the self doubt and bring back your motivation, click here to set up a free connection call.

Are you ready to create your dream goals and turn them into reality?

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If you’re an ambitious, passionate woman ready to uplevel your mindset and take action so that you can create the life of your dreams then you are in the right place.

When we work together, I share exactly how you can easily manifest the results you desire by using the power of your mind to your advantage. The only condition is that you are committed to making incredible things happen.

I spent years (and many thousands) investing in training, qualifications and self development and I’ve never looked back. I want to share with you the exact steps I used to transform my own life so that I can help you fast track to success in yours.

You are already a high achiever, that’s for sure. But you want more – and you want it fast. Listen to that little voice in your head that’s asking ‘is this all there is?’ Say goodbye to stress and overwhelm, to self doubt and procrastination. Take the first step towards the powerful new you by booking your call today. 

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 I offer workshops, seminars, 1:1 mental wellness support & coaching for corporate clients.

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Norah is an amazing transformational coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was hesitant about coaching but I felt a connection with her immediately and she has made the process the perfect combination of challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Norah is encouraging, patient and understanding but also strong and direct in helping me push forward and realize my goals and dreams and I am already reaping the rewards of working with her. 

Kate Smith

Norah helped me to change my mindset. Instead of feeling like a failure, her amazing words were always so inspiring.

Bridget Kelly

Working with Norah – I felt like running through every vein in my body, knowing I can do this with Norah’s help. No tablet can make you feel as good as to be living your best life.

Bernadette Doolin