Norah Ginty

Hypnotherapist & Transformation Coach

for women who want more from life!

Hi, I’m Norah

My forte is supporting women to let go of the crap holding them back so they can reach their dream goals.

What does that goal look like to you? It doesn’t matter what it is, if you know you want more in life, I can guide you to it. Whatever that means to you.

Kate wasn’t sure what she wanted but she knew she had lost her mojo and wanted more in life. So we worked on that. Kate realised what her dream job looked like, and now she is sitting in her new office, with a huge salary, just like she imagined and driving her new car she only ever dreamed about before.

Lori wanted to stop drinking alcohol and start exploring life more. She is over 1 year sober now and she is volunteering and changing role positions in her company to bring more fulfilment into her days. She is happy, peaceful and grateful. Feelings she always dreamt of having.

B wanted to lose weight. She has lost 2 stone already and it keeps going. Is it about diet? Nope. Mindset.

It’s all about mindset.

When you work on that, you can achieve anything. I will show you how to master your mind so you can reach your dream goals. Moving through any blocks, any stumbles, any cracks that you feel are in your life right now. 

Ways you can work with me

 1. 4 months 1:1 Intensive coaching in my DreamCatchers VIP program. Move from where you are now to where you want to be with my full attention on your goals for 4 months. Failure simply isn’t an option. Tons of invaluable 1:1 mindset and strategy support with personalised hypnosis throughout.

2. You can join my monthly membership (currently €39 pm, cancel anytime). Here you receive weekly group coaching, masterclasses, prompts, mindset motivation, Q&A. I hold this energetic space for you as you grow into the person you wish to become and reach the goals you want to hit. 

3. You can join my free group DreamCatchers and get lots of tips, inspiration and motivation to get you started on your journey towards your dream goals. 

Not sure which suits you best? Take a bold first step towards the powerful new you by booking your connection call today. 

Norah is an amazing transformational coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was hesitant about coaching but I felt a connection with her immediately and she has made the process the perfect combination of challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Norah is encouraging, patient and understanding but also strong and direct in helping me push forward and realize my goals and dreams and I am already reaping the rewards of working with her. 

Kate Smith

Norah helped me to change my mindset. Instead of feeling like a failure, her amazing words were always so inspiring.

Bridget Kelly

Working with Norah – I felt like running through every vein in my body, knowing I can do this with Norah’s help. No tablet can make you feel as good as to be living your best life.

Bernadette Doolin