Norah Ginty

Hypnotherapist & Success Coach

for women who want more from life.

I’m Norah Ginty.

I am a hypnotherapist and soul-led success coach supporting ambitious, passionate women to design and reach their dream goals in business and life.

Using my signature Aligned Energy Success System I guide my clients to their goals through their powerful growth, development & healing journey.

1. Dream And Decision – Through hypnotic visualisation and deep coaching opportunities, I guide my clients to surrender and open up the mind to the possibilities around them. This includes unlearning the current programming that it’s fruitless to spend time dreaming and imagining the life you desire. When you connect fully with the future you desire, you are ready to commit to the changes necessary.

2. Goal SettingHow to write them, connect with them and USE them to bring you success. What do you really want? What do you desire? This isn’t just about the conscious strategy, your soul needs to be heard too – it’s the magic ingredient.

3.Heal & Align – It’s time to build the connection between your mind AND your higher self. You can do all of the mindset work in the world but you also need to bring your higher self into alignment too. During this process you become one with YOU. You connect with yourself at a deep level where you feel confident to bring your gifts to the world. You will also clear those limiting beliefs that have control of your life – It’s time to say goodbye to the imposter syndrome, the fear and the doubt.

You know what you want and where you are going –It’s time to connect with that and accept your power.

4.Priceless PlanningPlanning for success. Not planning properly is the quickest way to fail. Do you have your quarterly plan? Monthly plan? Weekly plan? Are you in alignment with them? Are they working for you or against you?

5. Sustained Success – Success comes in forming and integrating and repetition of the new successful habits – morning mindset, journaling, connection, accountability –I support my clients through it all.

6. Aligned Action – Taking action at the exact time that will bring you quantum results. Listening to your intuition and following it with confidence. This piece comes as the last step. If you want the big results in your life and business, it’s crucial to bring your system into the space where you can receive first.

Norah is a hypnotherapist and soul-led success coach with a worldwide client base.

Norah specialises in goal setting and achieving. Following her signature Aligned Energy Success System Dream & Decision, Goal Setting, Heal & Align, Priceless Planning, Sustained Success & Aligned Action.

Following this powerful, signature 6 step program brings clarity and confidence to her clients’ journey and ultimately, huge success with their goals.

Ways you can work with me

1. 6 months 1:1 Intensive coaching in my VIP program. Move through the Aligned Energy Success System™. Move from where you are now to where you want to be with my eyes on your goals for 6 months. Failure simply isn’t an option. Tons of invaluable 1:1 mindset and strategy support with personalised hypnosis throughout. This is an application process only – book your call with me here.

2. Choose one step of the Aligned Energy Success System – which is your missing piece? What aspect of your journey do you need to work on to reach your goals? 

3. You can join my free group Heart-Centered Women With Ambition and get lots of tips, inspiration and motivation to get you started on your journey towards your dream goals.

Not sure which suits you best? Take a bold first step towards the powerful new you by booking your connection call today.

Norah is an amazing transformational coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was hesitant about coaching but I felt a connection with her immediately and she has made the process the perfect combination of challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Norah is encouraging, patient and understanding but also strong and direct in helping me push forward and realize my goals and dreams and I am already reaping the rewards of working with her.

Kate Smith

Thank you Norah, With your ongoing interest and support of me and my journey you’ve made it possible to look at my business in a whole different life. I’d probably STILL be undercharging if it wasn’t for the brief time we spent together

Stephanie Wium

Norah´s coaching is amazing. She knows how to get me started and pushes me just right. Norah´s knowledge and coaching towards my goals suits me perfectly. She has all the solutions I asked for. In a month I have come further than I have ever done before. And I just love my personal hypnosis session to listening to every day. I can really recommend Norah´s coaching to anyone who is not advancing in their business, things are transforming really quick.

Ingela Stenvall

Norah is just fantastic at coaching. I’ve been working with her since July ( it’s now early October!) My confidence and self belief has rocketed, while smashing through blocks and achieving my goals that I have set! If you want to succeed but not managing to do this by yourself, give Norah a call. You won’t regret it!!

Louise Byrant

Norah puts her heart and soul into her work. She really cares about me as person. I’ve grown tremendously in my life and living the life of my dreams with her caring, intuitive suggestions and support.

Lori Lee Duesing

I can highly recommend Norah as a life & business coach because she enables you to identify and own your goals. She scaffolds smart steps of success to achievement alongside you. Norah is current and intuitive. Norah presented appropriate challenges for me that reaped rewards quickly and gained publicity in my business. Norah motivates you and supports you to be a driving force for your business. Norah is a powerful businesswoman who wants other women to succeed.

Elaine Dean